Golf and its Impact on the Spanish Property Market

Highlights of an article released by ‘SUR In English’ on Monday, 28 February 2022, 10:06 – If you have property on or near to a Golf Course you need to read this article in full – see the link below.

Highlight 1: Golf has become once again a major attraction for tourists and property buyers alike, especially in the regions of Andalucía and Valencia.

Highlight 2: Every year in Spain people buy 8,400 properties which are located in or near golf courses, at an average price of 356,000 euros.

Highlight 3: About 8,400 properties in Spain are bought every year by visitors from other parts of Europe who love to play golf.

Highlight 4: 42 billion euros have been invested in around 283,000 properties by this tourism segment alone.

Highlight 5: Golf-loving visitors have bought over 283,000 homes in Spain and prefer locations where they can combine their sport with beach tourism.

Highlight 6: About 18.5 % of the more than 350 golf courses in Spain are part of a residential development, highlighting the close link between golf and the property.

Highlight 7: Valencia region was the second most popular, as 33 per cent of tourists there come to play golf, and they have spent 13.6 billion euros on properties.

Highlight 8: 75 golf courses which form part of a residential development, a further 170 have residential complexes nearby which benefit from their proximity.

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Additionally, there are another 18% of 40 to 50 year olds who may well be uniquely positioned to invest early in a golfing lifestyle.

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