Home Buying in Spain Set to Increase by 7%–10% in 2024

Home Buying in Spain Set to Increase by 7%–10% in 2024

The real estate market in Spain is on an upward trajectory, with predictions from a large real estate company in Madrid indicating a 7% to 10% increase in home buying for 2024. This positive trend is largely driven by a surge in demand for properties in popular vacation destinations.

Rise in Demand for Vacation Properties

Since the beginning of March, there has been a notable uptick in the desire to purchase homes in holiday hotspots. This trend has significantly boosted the overall real estate activity in Spain.

Popular Vacation Destinations

Key areas experiencing a 30% rise in demand include:

  • The Mediterranean Coast
  • The Cantabrian Coast
  • The Balearic Islands
  • The Canary Islands

These regions are particularly attractive due to their scenic beauty, pleasant climates, and excellent amenities.

Spring Surge in Second Home Market

Springtime has revitalised the second home market, leading to a marked increase in real estate transactions. This seasonal boost is a common phenomenon, with warmer weather and vacation plans driving the market forward.

Impact of Lower Interest Rates

This large estate brokerage anticipates a decrease in interest rates this year, which is expected to stimulate even greater interest in property investments. Lower borrowing costs typically encourage more buyers to enter the market, potentially driving up prices.

Advice for Prospective Buyers

Given the current trends and the likelihood of rising prices, the broker advises buyers who do not need financing to act quickly. Purchasing now could yield significant benefits before prices escalate further.

Optimism About More Affordable Mortgages

The agency remains hopeful that mortgages will become more affordable in the near term. They highlight that, on average, Spanish renters spend about 50% of their net monthly salary of approximately €1,700 on rent. In contrast, homeowners allocate around 38% of their income to mortgage payments.


In summary, the Spanish real estate market is poised for growth in 2024, with a significant boost in demand for vacation properties and favourable conditions for home buyers. Potential buyers, especially those not reliant on financing, should consider making their purchases soon to take advantage of current trends.


Why is home buying in Spain expected to increase in 2024?

The anticipated increase in home buying in Spain is driven by a combination of favourable economic conditions and rising interest in vacation properties. Lower interest rates are making mortgages more affordable, while the demand for properties in desirable holiday destinations is surging. These factors together create an environment where more people are motivated to invest in real estate.

Which areas in Spain are seeing the highest demand for vacation properties?

The areas experiencing the highest demand for vacation properties in Spain include the Mediterranean Coast, the Cantabrian Coast, the Balearic Islands, and the Canary Islands. These regions are popular due to their stunning landscapes, pleasant climates, and well-developed infrastructure, making them ideal for both holiday homes and investment properties.

How will lower interest rates affect the real estate market?

Lower interest rates will make borrowing more affordable for potential home buyers, which is likely to increase demand for properties. As more people can secure mortgages at lower costs, the competition for available homes will intensify, potentially driving up property prices. This makes it an advantageous time for buyers to enter the market before prices rise further.

What advice is there for buyers who do not need financing?

For buyers who do not require financing, recommendations are to act quickly to purchase properties. Since interest rates are expected to drop and demand is increasing, property prices are likely to rise. By buying now, these buyers can avoid paying higher prices in the future and secure their desired properties while the market conditions are favourable.

How do mortgage payments compare to rent payments in Spain?

In Spain, the cost of mortgage payments is generally lower compared to rent payments. On average, renters spend about 50% of their net monthly salary on rent. In contrast, homeowners typically allocate around 38% of their income to mortgage payments. This difference highlights the financial advantage of owning a home, as mortgage payments tend to be more manageable than rental costs over time.

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