Alicante Airport Expansion Plans Unveiled by Minister of Transport

The Minister of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, Óscar Puente, recently made his first official visit to the province of Alicante. During this visit, he announced significant investments and improvements for the Alicante Airport. While confirming these developments, he also addressed the hot topic of a second runway, making it clear that it is not currently part of the plan.

Minister’s Visit to Alicante

This visit marked a significant event as it was Puente’s inaugural institutional visit to Alicante. The minister’s presence underlined the importance of Alicante as a key hub in Spain’s transport network. His visit was eagerly anticipated, especially following Aena’s announcement the previous day.

Speech at the Alicante Forum

At the Alicante Forum, the minister outlined his vision for the future of the Alicante Airport. His speech highlighted the commitment to enhancing the airport’s infrastructure, aiming to support the region’s growth and development.

Planned Investments in Infrastructure

Puente announced major investments in the airport’s infrastructure, aiming to increase its capacity and efficiency. These improvements are designed to accommodate the anticipated passenger growth, which is a crucial factor for the region’s economic expansion.

Passenger Growth Target

One of the key goals outlined by the minister is to enable the Alicante Airport to handle up to 26 million passengers annually. This is a significant increase from the current numbers and reflects the region’s growing popularity as a travel destination.

Second Runway Decision

Despite these ambitious growth targets, Puente stated that there are no immediate plans to construct a second runway at Alicante Airport. He emphasized that the current infrastructure, with some enhancements, would be sufficient to meet the projected passenger numbers.

Statements by EasyJet’s Javier Gándara

Backing up Puente’s statement, Javier Gándara from EasyJet pointed out that many international airports efficiently handle large passenger volumes with a single runway. EasyJet’s new base at Alicante Airport serves as a testament to the airport’s current and future capabilities.

Comparison with Other Airports

Puente drew comparisons with other major international airports that manage up to 33 million passengers annually with just one runway. This comparison was intended to reassure stakeholders that Alicante Airport could achieve similar efficiency levels.

Current Passenger Processing

Currently, Alicante Airport handles approximately 16 million passengers each year. The minister noted that the airport has significant potential for growth, which is not solely dependent on the number of runways but also on the efficiency of its operations.

Expansion of Terminals

A significant part of the investment will go towards expanding the passenger terminals in both Alicante and Valencia. These expansions will include the construction of new terminal areas, more passenger boarding bridges, and enhancements to the overall passenger experience.

Financial Investment

The planned expansion and improvements come with a substantial financial investment of 1,000 million euros. This funding will be used to enhance the airport infrastructure, making it more capable of handling increased passenger volumes and improving operational efficiency.

Increase in Operational Capacity

One of the primary objectives of the planned investments is to increase the hourly operation capacity of the airport. This means more flights can be handled each hour, reducing delays and improving the overall efficiency of airport operations.

Minister’s Commitment to the Region

Puente reiterated his commitment to supporting the region’s growth. He assured that if further expansions or enhancements are necessary, he would not hesitate to back those initiatives to ensure the region continues to thrive.


In conclusion, while the minister has ruled out the construction of a second runway at Alicante Airport for now, the planned investments and improvements are set to significantly enhance the airport’s capacity and efficiency. These developments are expected to support the region’s growth and meet the increasing demand from travelers. The minister’s visit and announcements have reassured the stakeholders about the government’s commitment to the region’s transport infrastructure.


  1. Why has the minister decided against a second runway for Alicante Airport?

The minister believes that the current infrastructure, with planned enhancements, will be sufficient to meet the projected passenger numbers. He pointed out that many international airports manage large passenger volumes efficiently with a single runway.

  1. What are the main improvements planned for Alicante Airport?

The main improvements include expanding the passenger terminals, constructing more boarding bridges, and increasing the airport’s hourly operational capacity.

  1. How much is being invested in the airport’s expansion?

A total of 1,000 million euros is being invested in expanding and enhancing the airport infrastructure in Alicante and Valencia.

  1. What is the current passenger handling capacity of Alicante Airport?

Alicante Airport currently handles approximately 16 million passengers annually.

  1. How will the planned improvements affect the airport’s passenger capacity?

The planned improvements aim to increase the airport’s capacity to handle up to 26 million passengers annually by enhancing terminal facilities and operational efficiency.

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