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Property ages quickly wherever it is, but in Spain the sun is strong, and when properties are left empty for long periods of time the need for regular maintenance is critical to ensure your property stays in good condition.

After living at Alenda Golf for over 16 years we have retained and worked with a range of tradesmen who have all been tried and tested.

We have experience of dealing with the majority of maintenance issues so you can rest assured your property is being well well maintained when and if required.


Need to pay council tax or electricity bill we can do that for you.

Whether a one-off payment to purchase a house, a regular transfer to your Spanish bank account, paying off household bills, or just transferring money – we can help save you money by introducing you to the right banks and currency brokers in the UK and Spain.

Use the same brokers we use and get the best rates.

Legal Support

Spanish Law is a minefield and whilst we are not lawyers through personal experience, we do know which ones are good and who you should consider working with if required.

So, if you need a lawyer, we can help you and help you manage any outcomes as a result of your meeting.

Pre & Post Cleaning

If you visit your property regularly or rent it out to friends or clients, keeping it clean is always a concern.

You can make sure your property is ready and welcoming for you or your guests’ arrival by having Alenda Golf Property manage the cleaning process pre and post-visit.

Key Holding

Want a secure place to leave a set of keys, should you need to allow access to someone or in case of accidental loss or break in.

At Alenda Golf Property we can take care of your keys for you as we provide that level of support to all our clients – rest assured all keys are kept secure and never handed out with agreement from you.

Be Informend

Our core business is looking after your investment; therefore, we visit your property on regular basis as part of a routine property check.

We will also call and email you immediately if we see something that needs your attention or approval to put right – delay can cause more expense.


Translation Services

Need help with a payment demand, difficult situation or problem, doctor or police, cannot communicate effectively – like to know more about our translation support services we can provide, then just call us on + 34 649 649 018 and ask for help.

Shopping Services

Need to have a stock of food and drinks ready for when you or your guests arrive at your property.

Maybe a welcome bottle of champagne on ice, some tapas and the lights on want something special – Alenda Golf Property can arrange that for you as well.

Gardening Support

If your property has a garden, bushes, and climbers then you already know how fast plants grow here in Spain, and keeping them under control and tidy is difficult – not if you have a regular gardener we think ours is the best by far! – try him and his team out you can also see his work in our garden and many other gardens at Alenda Golf.


Having lived her at Alenda Golf for over 17 years we have purchased most items from TVs, Patio Furniture, and Garden Plants so as a neighbor we can point you in the right direction if you need some help.

Call + 34 649 649 018

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