Foreign Interest in Spanish Properties Hits Record High in 2023

Welcome to our in-depth analysis of Spain’s real estate market in 2023, a year that saw an unprecedented influx of foreign buyers despite economic uncertainties and rising interest rates. The year marked a significant shift in the landscape of property purchases in Spain, with foreign investors playing a pivotal role. From the sunny coasts of Valencia to the bustling streets of Madrid, international homebuyers, led by the British, Germans, and Moroccans, have shown a growing appetite for Spanish properties.

This blog delves into the fascinating trends of 2023, highlighting key statistics, buyer preferences, and the evolving dynamics of Spain’s property market. Whether you’re an investor, a potential homebuyer, or simply curious about the latest market trends, join us as we explore what made 2023 a landmark year in Spain’s real estate history.


  • Record Foreign Investment: In the first half of 2023, foreigners accounted for 21.4% of home purchases in Spain, a record since data collection began.
  • Top Buyers by Nationality: Brits (9.6%), Germans (8.1%), and Moroccans (7.3%) led in home buying, with significant transactions despite interest rate hikes.
  • Sales Figures: 67,983 properties sold to foreigners, third-best historically. 56.8% of these sales were by resident foreigners, a slight year-on-year decline.
  • Preferred Locations: Coastal regions like Valencia, Andalusia, and Catalonia were top choices for foreign buyers.
  • Pricing Trends: Average transaction price for foreign buyers was €2,095/m2, surpassing the national average. Non-resident foreigners paid the most, at €2,598/m2.
  • Nationality-Specific Insights: Swedes and Danes paid the highest prices per square meter. Russians, French, Italians, and others also exceeded the national average.
  • Transaction Breakdown: Majority of foreign purchases were for first residences (68%), followed by second homes (21%) and rental investments (11%).
  • Mortgage Trends: Germans led in mortgage applications, with a rise in younger, digitally savvy buyers.
  • Rental Market Growth: Rental interest, especially in coastal areas, surged in 2023, with significant foreign inquiries on properties in less populated towns.