The Financial and Lifestyle Advantages of Retiring in Spain for UK Pensioners

Retiring UK pensioners enjoying a sunny day in Spain

Retiring UK pensioners enjoying a sunny day in Spain

Relocating for retirement is a significant decision, and for many UK pensioners, moving to Spain presents an incredibly advantageous option. This analysis delves into the financial and lifestyle benefits that often come with this transition. For instance, consider a couple who sold their home in Cambridge for £450,000 and purchased a villa on the Costa Blanca for £145,000. This move not only provided them with a more affordable lifestyle but also significantly enhanced their overall quality of life.

Financial Benefits

Affordable Property Prices

Spain offers attractive property prices compared to the UK. The couple was able to sell their UK home and buy a spacious villa in Spain, complete with a pool and garden, at a fraction of the cost.

Comparative Costs

In Cambridge, they would have struggled with high property prices. The average house price in Cambridge in 2010 was £400,000, whereas they purchased their villa in Malaga for just £145,000.

Lower Cost of Living

The cost of living in Spain is significantly lower than in the UK. This has allowed the pensioners to live comfortably on their pension income.

Monthly Expenses

Electricity: £68 in Spain compared to £72.32 in the UK

Groceries: £84 in Spain compared to £82.60 per week for two vegetarians in the UK

Pension Income: Their combined pension income is around £21,000 annually, which stretches further in Spain due to the lower cost of living.

Lifestyle Benefits

Healthcare Access

One of the major advantages of retiring in Spain is access to excellent healthcare. The pensioners found the healthcare system in Spain to be quick, excellent, and well-staffed, which was a significant improvement over their experiences in the UK.

Healthcare Comparison

UK: Long waiting lists for treatments

Spain: Prompt and efficient healthcare services

Social Life and Community

The warm climate and relaxed lifestyle in Spain have positively impacted their social life. They have a vibrant social circle and enjoy regular social activities, which are more affordable in Spain.

Social Activities

Dining Out: More affordable in Spain, encouraging frequent socialising

Community Involvement: One of the pensioners chairs the Bremain in Spain campaign group, advocating for British migrants’ rights

Challenges and Considerations

Impact of Brexit

Brexit has introduced some uncertainties for British retirees in Spain. However, the couple remains unaffected as they do not wish to work or live elsewhere. They empathise with those who missed the deadline and face higher income pension thresholds post-Brexit.

Financial Adjustments

The couple continues to manage their finances well, investing £145,000 in renovations to their Spanish home, thanks to the cost savings from their lower living expenses.

Comparative Lifestyle

Quality of Life

The couple emphasises that they could not have experienced the same quality of life on their budget in the UK due to the rising cost of living. Spain offers them a higher quality of life, with better weather, healthier lifestyle options, and more affordable social activities.

Health and Wellness

Diet: Ample supply of fresh fruit and vegetables in Spain

Exercise: More opportunities for outdoor activities in the warmer climate

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Relocating to Spain has provided significant financial and lifestyle benefits for UK pensioners. The lower cost of living, affordable healthcare, and enhanced quality of life make Spain an attractive retirement destination.

5 FAQs

What are the key financial benefits of retiring in Spain?

The lower property prices and cost of living allow pensioners to stretch their income further, providing a more comfortable and financially stable retirement.

How does the healthcare system in Spain compare to the UK?

Spain offers prompt and efficient healthcare services, often surpassing the UK’s long waiting lists and overburdened system.

How has Brexit affected UK pensioners in Spain?

Brexit has introduced some financial uncertainties, but many retirees remain unaffected if they do not plan to work or live elsewhere in the EU.

What lifestyle changes can retirees expect in Spain?

Retirees can enjoy a higher quality of life with better weather, healthier food options, and more affordable social activities.

Is it easy to integrate into the Spanish community?

Many retirees find it easy to integrate into the Spanish community, participating in social activities and groups that enhance their retirement experience.

By choosing Spain, UK pensioners can enjoy a more affordable and enjoyable retirement, experiencing the best of what the country has to offer in terms of cost savings, healthcare, and lifestyle.

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Crackdown on Unlicensed Sellers in Spain: £170 Fines for British Holidaymakers

Beach seller fines

British Tourists in Spain Could Face £170 Fines as Undercover Police Patrol Streets

British holidaymakers in Spain are being warned about potential £170 fines if they purchase souvenirs from unlicensed sellers on beaches and streets. This new measure aims to tackle the issue of illegal street vendors, commonly found in popular tourist destinations like Costa Blanca.

Undercover Police to Patrol the Streets

Spanish authorities are deploying undercover police to patrol busy areas frequented by tourists. These officers will be on the lookout for transactions between tourists and unlicensed vendors, imposing fines on those caught in the act. The initiative is part of a broader effort to curb the prevalence of illegal sales and protect local businesses.

The Issue with Unlicensed Sellers

Costa Blanca, a renowned tourist hotspot, is notorious for its ‘manteros’ or blanket sellers. These vendors often sell counterfeit goods such as fake designer handbags, clothing, watches, and sunglasses. Local shop owners, particularly in towns like Benalmadena, report losing 20 to 30 percent of their profits to these unlicensed sellers, according to the local Association of Traders and Businessmen.

Recent Crackdowns and Seizures

In a recent operation, the Guardia Civil confiscated several tonnes of counterfeit products from a warehouse in Alicante, destined for street vendors. This significant seizure highlights the scale of the problem and the determination of Spanish authorities to combat it.

Calls for Increased Police Presence

The mayor of Torrevieja has called for an increased police presence during the summer months to enforce the new regulations. During peak tourist season, the population of Torrevieja can swell to around 500,000, making it imperative to have sufficient law enforcement to manage the influx and maintain order.

Broader Efforts to Manage Tourism

This crackdown is part of a series of measures aimed at managing the challenges posed by mass tourism, particularly as the industry recovers from the pandemic. For example, in Magaluf, strict laws prohibiting alcohol consumption on the streets will be enforced until at least December 2027, with fines reaching up to £1,290 for non-compliance.

Similar Measures in Costa del Sol

The nearby Costa del Sol region is also calling for stricter penalties against tourists who purchase goods from wandering street vendors, colloquially known as “looky looky men.” These efforts reflect a growing trend across popular Spanish tourist destinations to protect legitimate businesses and enhance the visitor experience.


What are the fines for buying from unlicensed sellers in Spain?

British tourists in Spain can face fines of £170 for purchasing goods from unlicensed street vendors.

Who will enforce these fines?

Undercover police officers will patrol the streets and beaches to enforce these fines.

Why is Spain cracking down on unlicensed sellers?

The crackdown aims to protect local businesses from losing profits to illegal vendors and to ensure a safer, more regulated market.

Which areas are most affected by this crackdown?

Popular tourist areas like Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol are the primary focus of this crackdown.

What other measures are being implemented to manage tourism in Spain?

Measures include prohibiting alcohol consumption on the streets in areas like Magaluf, with fines of up to £1,290 for non-compliance, and increasing police presence in crowded tourist spots.

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“Las Hogueras de San Juan 2024: Alicante’s Week-Long Fiesta”

Alicante Hogueras 2024 opening ceremony with fireworks and parade

Las Hogueras de San Juan 2024: A Week of Vibrant Celebration in Alicante

The Alicante area came alive on Saturday, June 1, as the official opening ceremony for the Las Hogueras de San Juan 2024 festivities took place. The event, which marked the beginning of a week-long celebration of music, fire, and tradition, was filled with vibrant displays, heartfelt tributes, and a sense of excitement that set the stage for an unforgettable fiesta.

A Dazzling Start: The Mascletà

The evening began with a mascletà, a traditional firework display that filled the air with dazzling colours. The highlight of the ceremony was undoubtedly the Pregón, or opening speech, delivered by Sergio Gómez, a renowned artist and performer. Gómez’s speech was a blend of personal anecdotes, heartfelt remembrances, and passionate declarations of love for Alicante and its Hogueras traditions.

The Grand Parade: Desfile del Pregón

The Desfile del Pregón, a grand parade featuring all 89 Hogueras commissions, their respective barracas, and accompanying bands, added a visual spectacle to the festivities. The parade’s vibrant costumes, lively music, and infectious energy further amplified the atmosphere of the event.

A Night to Remember: Fireworks and Verben

As the night drew to a close, a spectacular display of fireworks illuminated the sky. The evening concluded with a grand verbena, or open-air dance party, where everyone danced the night away.

The opening ceremony of the Hogueras de San Juan 2024 set the stage for a week-long celebration that promises to be an unforgettable experience for all who participate.


What is Las Hogueras de San Juan?

Las Hogueras de San Juan is a traditional festival celebrated in Alicante, featuring fireworks, parades, and cultural events to welcome the summer solstice.

When does Las Hogueras de San Juan 2024 take place?

The festival begins on June 1, 2024, and lasts for a week, culminating in various festivities including fireworks and parades.

Who delivered the opening speech for the 2024 festivities?

The opening speech, or Pregón, for Las Hogueras de San Juan 2024 was delivered by renowned artist and performer Sergio Gómez.

What is a mascletà?

A mascletà is a traditional Spanish firework display known for its loud noise and vibrant colours, commonly featured in festivals like Las Hogueras de San Juan.

What activities can visitors expect during the festival?

Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities including parades, fireworks, open-air dance parties (verbenas), and cultural displays throughout the week-long celebration.

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Understanding Spain’s Car Washing Laws: A Must-Read for Drivers

Why You Should Never Wash Your Car on the Street in Spain

The Essential Guide to Car Washing Regulations in Spain

Maintaining a clean car is crucial for several reasons, including optimal performance and compliance with legal requirements. However, in Spain, washing your car on the street is strictly prohibited. This blog post will delve into the reasons behind this rule, the legal implications, and the best practices for keeping your vehicle clean while adhering to local laws.

Why You Can’t Wash Your Car on the Street in Spain

In Spain, washing your car on a public road is against the law. This is outlined in article 4.2 of the General Circulation Regulations, which states: “It is prohibited to throw, deposit, or abandon objects or materials on the road that may hinder free movement, stopping, or parking, make them dangerous, or damage the road or its facilities.”

The Legal Perspective

When you wash your car on the street, the water, soap, and other substances used can create a slippery surface. This poses a hazard to other road users and can lead to accidents. The Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) enforces this rule, and fines can range from 30 to 3,000 euros, depending on the municipality.

Environmental Concerns

Besides traffic laws, environmental regulations also come into play. Professional car washes are equipped to recycle water and manage waste products responsibly. Washing your car at home on the street can introduce harmful pollutants into the local ecosystem, leading to potential fines based on the severity of the pollution.

Proper Car Washing Practices

To comply with Spanish laws and protect the environment, it’s best to wash your car at designated facilities such as car washes or petrol stations equipped with the necessary infrastructure. These facilities ensure that your car is cleaned efficiently without harming the environment or violating traffic regulations.


Why is it illegal to wash my car on the street in Spain?

It’s illegal due to safety and environmental concerns. Washing your car on the street can make the road slippery and hazardous for other users, and it can introduce pollutants into the environment.

What are the fines for washing my car on the street in Spain?

Fines can range from 30 to 3,000 euros, depending on the municipality and the severity of the offence.

Where should I wash my car instead?

You should wash your car at professional car washes or petrol stations with car washing facilities to ensure compliance with local laws and environmental standards.

Can I perform minor car maintenance on the street?

No, performing maintenance or repairs on your vehicle on the street is also prohibited under the same regulations.

What are the environmental benefits of using a professional car wash?

Professional car washes recycle water and properly manage waste, reducing the risk of pollutants entering local ecosystems.

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Embrace the Alenda Golf Lifestyle

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Top Tips for Selling Your Alenda Golf Property This Summer

Beautiful Alenda Golf Property ready for sale

10 Top Tips for Selling Your Alenda Golf Property This Summer

Summer has arrived, bringing high temperatures and high spirits among new property hunters. Visitor numbers on our Alenda Golf Property website are soaring, making it the perfect time to sell your property. Here are some top suggestions to make your property more attractive to potential buyers and the importance of having all paperwork ready to secure the sale.

  1. Declutter Your Space

A clutter-free home is more appealing to buyers. Remove items that have gathered dust and hide personal belongings in cupboards. A spacious, tidy home sells better and allows buyers to envision their own belongings in the space.

  1. Freshen Up with Paint

Now isn’t the time for major renovations, but a fresh coat of paint can make a significant difference. Touch up areas that need attention to give your home a clean and well-maintained appearance.

  1. Clean Soft Furnishings

Ensure all soft furnishings like curtains, cushions, and bed linen are clean. While you’re at it, clean shutters and wrought ironwork. A fresh, clean home feels more inviting and cared for.

  1. Maximise Space

Too much furniture can make rooms feel small. Be objective about your space and consider storing some items in a trastero or cheap storage until your property is sold. Open, spacious rooms are more appealing to buyers.

  1. Address Pet Odours

If you have pets, ensure there are no unpleasant odours. Ask a friend to give you an honest opinion, as pet smells can be off-putting to potential buyers who do not have pets.

  1. Brighten Up Your Home

Gloomy rooms are less attractive. Open blinds and curtains, light up dark corners, clean windows, and use stronger lightbulbs to ensure your home is bright and welcoming.

  1. Ensure Legal Papers are Ready

Buyers and their legal representatives will want to see that your property is legally sound. Make sure all legal documents are in order. If you’re out of the country, sign a power of attorney with a solicitor so they can act on your behalf. Speed is often crucial in securing a sale. If you require legal assistance, Alenda Golf Property can recommend a highly experienced solicitor based in Elche. He is fluent in English and has successfully assisted many of our clients. Should you need his services, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to introduce you to him.

  1. Provide Running Costs

Have a list of monthly or yearly running costs for your property ready. This information is valuable to potential buyers and can help them make an informed decision.

  1. Set the Right Price

Set a competitive price for your property. Compare prices of similar properties in the area and consult with Alenda Golf Property for our recommendation. We can provide insights on property prices on other golf courses and those advertised by other estate agents in the area. Generally, properties located on golf courses typically command a premium of 20 to 30% above standard market prices, primarily due to their exclusive location.

  1. Why Choose Alenda Golf Property

At Alenda Golf Property, we have lived on Alenda Golf for 18 years and know the area intimately. We understand the true value of properties and the entire buying and selling process. We advertise your property across several websites, property portals, and social media to maximise exposure. We also manage prospects and gather information about their financial status and background, ensuring positive results. Contact us at +34 649 649 018 or visit our website at


Selling your Alenda Golf property this summer can be a rewarding experience with the right preparation. By following these tips, you’ll make your home more appealing to buyers and increase your chances of a quick and successful sale. Trust Alenda Golf Property to guide you through the process with our extensive local knowledge and expertise.


  1. Why is decluttering important when selling a home?

Decluttering helps create a clean and spacious environment, allowing potential buyers to imagine their own belongings in the space, making the property more attractive.  If you have collected a load of items you may want to rent space at one of the many storage companies located in the area.  Try here

  1. Should I make major renovations before selling my property?

Major renovations are not necessary. Simple improvements like a fresh coat of paint, if required, can make a significant difference and enhance your home’s appeal.

  1. How can I ensure my home smells pleasant for viewings?

Clean thoroughly and address any pet odours. Having a friend provide feedback on any smells can help identify and eliminate any issues.

  1. Why do I need to have my legal papers ready?

Having your legal documents in order ensures a smooth selling process and reassures buyers and their legal representatives that your property is legally sound.  If you would like a list of all the documents you need to accumulate then please email us and we will send you a list.

  1. How does Alenda Golf Property help in selling my home?

Alenda Golf Property uses extensive local knowledge and experience to market your property effectively. We advertise across various platforms and manage prospects to ensure positive results.  We take professional phots and make an exclusive video for promotional opportunities.  In addition we add your property yo Idealista Portal, add it to our Alenda Golf Life Free Magazine and Costa Blanca Golf Properties website.

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British Drivers Beware: Navigating New Spanish Road Rules to Avoid Expensive Penalties

British drivers and expats face fines in Spain for common driving mistakes.

British drivers and expats are being warned of expensive fines they face for common bad habits when travelling in Spain over the summer this year. Millions of Britons head to Spain every year to bask in the sun and make the most of the summer holidays, and this year will be no exception.

However, experts are warning that motorists could be slapped with fines if they are planning to drive when they are there, with British expats living in Spain also at risk. Law changes in Spain were updated in January in a bid to make roads across the country safer for all road users.

Police forces have been cracking down on motorists who flout the rules when they are not using an indicator, which many will admit they do on a daily basis. The rules require drivers to use the indicator when they are taking on manoeuvres such as changing lanes, turning into roads or exiting roundabouts.

The Spanish Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT) insisted that it was a “critical component of road safety” for drivers to use their indicators so other road users know where they are looking to travel. It was part of a larger campaign to make driving and road users in Spain safer, similar to the DVLA using the Highway Code to remind drivers of the correct way to drive.

Since January, Spanish police have been getting tough on drivers who fail to use their indicators, which many drivers will admit they are guilty of from time to time. This summer, falling foul of this rule could land you with a €200, or £170, fine as law enforcement officers get tough on offenders. Not only that, but being too slow to use your indicators before changing direction can land you with a minimum €80, or £68, fine.


What are the new driving regulations in Spain for 2024?

The latest regulations in Spain, updated in January, focus on improving road safety. Notably, there is a crackdown on drivers who fail to use indicators when changing lanes, turning, or exiting roundabouts. Fines for these offences range from €80 to €200.

Are British expats in Spain affected by these new driving laws?

Yes, British expats living in Spain are subject to the same driving laws as local drivers. It’s essential for expats to familiarise themselves with these regulations to avoid fines and ensure safe driving practices.

How much is the fine for not using indicators in Spain?

Failing to use indicators when required can result in a fine of €200 (£170). Additionally, using indicators too late can attract a fine of €80 (£68).

Are these fines applicable to tourists as well?

Yes, tourists driving in Spain are also subject to these fines. It is crucial for tourists to understand and comply with Spanish driving laws to avoid penalties during their stay.

What should I do to avoid fines while driving in Spain?

To avoid fines, always use indicators when changing lanes, turning, or exiting roundabouts. Familiarise yourself with Spanish road rules, which may differ from those in the UK. Pay attention to local traffic signs and follow all regulations diligently.

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Home Buying in Spain Set to Increase by 7%–10% in 2024

Home Buying in Spain Set to Increase by 7%–10% in 2024

Home Buying in Spain Set to Increase by 7%–10% in 2024

The real estate market in Spain is on an upward trajectory, with predictions from a large real estate company in Madrid indicating a 7% to 10% increase in home buying for 2024. This positive trend is largely driven by a surge in demand for properties in popular vacation destinations.

Rise in Demand for Vacation Properties

Since the beginning of March, there has been a notable uptick in the desire to purchase homes in holiday hotspots. This trend has significantly boosted the overall real estate activity in Spain.

Popular Vacation Destinations

Key areas experiencing a 30% rise in demand include:

  • The Mediterranean Coast
  • The Cantabrian Coast
  • The Balearic Islands
  • The Canary Islands

These regions are particularly attractive due to their scenic beauty, pleasant climates, and excellent amenities.

Spring Surge in Second Home Market

Springtime has revitalised the second home market, leading to a marked increase in real estate transactions. This seasonal boost is a common phenomenon, with warmer weather and vacation plans driving the market forward.

Impact of Lower Interest Rates

This large estate brokerage anticipates a decrease in interest rates this year, which is expected to stimulate even greater interest in property investments. Lower borrowing costs typically encourage more buyers to enter the market, potentially driving up prices.

Advice for Prospective Buyers

Given the current trends and the likelihood of rising prices, the broker advises buyers who do not need financing to act quickly. Purchasing now could yield significant benefits before prices escalate further.

Optimism About More Affordable Mortgages

The agency remains hopeful that mortgages will become more affordable in the near term. They highlight that, on average, Spanish renters spend about 50% of their net monthly salary of approximately €1,700 on rent. In contrast, homeowners allocate around 38% of their income to mortgage payments.


In summary, the Spanish real estate market is poised for growth in 2024, with a significant boost in demand for vacation properties and favourable conditions for home buyers. Potential buyers, especially those not reliant on financing, should consider making their purchases soon to take advantage of current trends.


Why is home buying in Spain expected to increase in 2024?

The anticipated increase in home buying in Spain is driven by a combination of favourable economic conditions and rising interest in vacation properties. Lower interest rates are making mortgages more affordable, while the demand for properties in desirable holiday destinations is surging. These factors together create an environment where more people are motivated to invest in real estate.

Which areas in Spain are seeing the highest demand for vacation properties?

The areas experiencing the highest demand for vacation properties in Spain include the Mediterranean Coast, the Cantabrian Coast, the Balearic Islands, and the Canary Islands. These regions are popular due to their stunning landscapes, pleasant climates, and well-developed infrastructure, making them ideal for both holiday homes and investment properties.

How will lower interest rates affect the real estate market?

Lower interest rates will make borrowing more affordable for potential home buyers, which is likely to increase demand for properties. As more people can secure mortgages at lower costs, the competition for available homes will intensify, potentially driving up property prices. This makes it an advantageous time for buyers to enter the market before prices rise further.

What advice is there for buyers who do not need financing?

For buyers who do not require financing, recommendations are to act quickly to purchase properties. Since interest rates are expected to drop and demand is increasing, property prices are likely to rise. By buying now, these buyers can avoid paying higher prices in the future and secure their desired properties while the market conditions are favourable.

How do mortgage payments compare to rent payments in Spain?

In Spain, the cost of mortgage payments is generally lower compared to rent payments. On average, renters spend about 50% of their net monthly salary on rent. In contrast, homeowners typically allocate around 38% of their income to mortgage payments. This difference highlights the financial advantage of owning a home, as mortgage payments tend to be more manageable than rental costs over time.

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No Second Runway for Alicante: Minister Announces Major Terminal Upgrades

Alicante Airport Expansion Plans Unveiled by Minister of Transport

The Minister of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, Óscar Puente, recently made his first official visit to the province of Alicante. During this visit, he announced significant investments and improvements for the Alicante Airport. While confirming these developments, he also addressed the hot topic of a second runway, making it clear that it is not currently part of the plan.

Minister’s Visit to Alicante

This visit marked a significant event as it was Puente’s inaugural institutional visit to Alicante. The minister’s presence underlined the importance of Alicante as a key hub in Spain’s transport network. His visit was eagerly anticipated, especially following Aena’s announcement the previous day.

Speech at the Alicante Forum

At the Alicante Forum, the minister outlined his vision for the future of the Alicante Airport. His speech highlighted the commitment to enhancing the airport’s infrastructure, aiming to support the region’s growth and development.

Planned Investments in Infrastructure

Puente announced major investments in the airport’s infrastructure, aiming to increase its capacity and efficiency. These improvements are designed to accommodate the anticipated passenger growth, which is a crucial factor for the region’s economic expansion.

Passenger Growth Target

One of the key goals outlined by the minister is to enable the Alicante Airport to handle up to 26 million passengers annually. This is a significant increase from the current numbers and reflects the region’s growing popularity as a travel destination.

Second Runway Decision

Despite these ambitious growth targets, Puente stated that there are no immediate plans to construct a second runway at Alicante Airport. He emphasized that the current infrastructure, with some enhancements, would be sufficient to meet the projected passenger numbers.

Statements by EasyJet’s Javier Gándara

Backing up Puente’s statement, Javier Gándara from EasyJet pointed out that many international airports efficiently handle large passenger volumes with a single runway. EasyJet’s new base at Alicante Airport serves as a testament to the airport’s current and future capabilities.

Comparison with Other Airports

Puente drew comparisons with other major international airports that manage up to 33 million passengers annually with just one runway. This comparison was intended to reassure stakeholders that Alicante Airport could achieve similar efficiency levels.

Current Passenger Processing

Currently, Alicante Airport handles approximately 16 million passengers each year. The minister noted that the airport has significant potential for growth, which is not solely dependent on the number of runways but also on the efficiency of its operations.

Expansion of Terminals

A significant part of the investment will go towards expanding the passenger terminals in both Alicante and Valencia. These expansions will include the construction of new terminal areas, more passenger boarding bridges, and enhancements to the overall passenger experience.

Financial Investment

The planned expansion and improvements come with a substantial financial investment of 1,000 million euros. This funding will be used to enhance the airport infrastructure, making it more capable of handling increased passenger volumes and improving operational efficiency.

Increase in Operational Capacity

One of the primary objectives of the planned investments is to increase the hourly operation capacity of the airport. This means more flights can be handled each hour, reducing delays and improving the overall efficiency of airport operations.

Minister’s Commitment to the Region

Puente reiterated his commitment to supporting the region’s growth. He assured that if further expansions or enhancements are necessary, he would not hesitate to back those initiatives to ensure the region continues to thrive.


In conclusion, while the minister has ruled out the construction of a second runway at Alicante Airport for now, the planned investments and improvements are set to significantly enhance the airport’s capacity and efficiency. These developments are expected to support the region’s growth and meet the increasing demand from travelers. The minister’s visit and announcements have reassured the stakeholders about the government’s commitment to the region’s transport infrastructure.


  1. Why has the minister decided against a second runway for Alicante Airport?

The minister believes that the current infrastructure, with planned enhancements, will be sufficient to meet the projected passenger numbers. He pointed out that many international airports manage large passenger volumes efficiently with a single runway.

  1. What are the main improvements planned for Alicante Airport?

The main improvements include expanding the passenger terminals, constructing more boarding bridges, and increasing the airport’s hourly operational capacity.

  1. How much is being invested in the airport’s expansion?

A total of 1,000 million euros is being invested in expanding and enhancing the airport infrastructure in Alicante and Valencia.

  1. What is the current passenger handling capacity of Alicante Airport?

Alicante Airport currently handles approximately 16 million passengers annually.

  1. How will the planned improvements affect the airport’s passenger capacity?

The planned improvements aim to increase the airport’s capacity to handle up to 26 million passengers annually by enhancing terminal facilities and operational efficiency.

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The 2024 Spanish Property Market: A Comprehensive Overview of Its Strong Recovery and Current Opportunities

A Resilient Spanish Property Market

At Alenda Golf Property, we’re thrilled to delve into the encouraging developments within the Spanish property market, which has impressively bounced back from the recent downturn, surpassing even the pre-pandemic figures. The resilience of this market not only highlights its strength but also signals a prime opportunity for potential investors and homebuyers.

Spanish Property Market Surpasses Pre-Pandemic Levels

A Remarkable Recovery in House Sales

In April 2024, house sales in Spain achieved a milestone by exceeding the sales figures from 2019 by 3.1%. This indicates not just a recovery but a significant expansion in market activity. This 91% increase compared to April last year illustrates a robust resurgence in property transactions, marking the highest rebound since the pandemic lockdowns.

Surge in Mortgage Registrations

The Spanish property market’s vitality is further evidenced by the 31.5% surge in new mortgages taken out over the past year. Prospective homeowners and investors are seizing the opportunity afforded by historically low interest rates, either to change homes or refinance. This upswing, which includes an 8.8% increase compared to April 2019, underscores a growing confidence in the market’s stability and long-term prospects.

Revival of Business and Tourism

Impact of Spain’s Reopening on Real Estate

With Spain progressively reopening its doors to business and tourism, thanks to a successful vaccination campaign and a decrease in COVID-19 cases, there’s been a noticeable release of pent-up demand. This has fueled a general increase in real estate transactions, with a 9.3% rise compared to April 2019. The revival of these sectors is playing a crucial role in propelling the property market forward.

Increased Demand for High-Quality Living Spaces

Recent trends also show a marked increase in demand for larger, more luminous, and environmentally friendly living spaces. This shift in buyer preferences is driving up property prices, especially in sought-after locations like Spain’s islands and Mediterranean coast. According to property surveyors Tinsa, house prices saw a 1.3% increase year-over-year in May, with significant rises in these prime regions.

Opportunities in the Thriving Spanish Property Market

Advice for Potential Buyers

For those considering an investment in the Spanish property market, the current climate offers a promising opportunity. Whether you’re eyeing a holiday home, contemplating relocation, or seeking a solid investment, the market dynamics are favorable. At Alenda Golf Property, we are dedicated to guiding our clients through this dynamic landscape, ensuring they can capitalize on these auspicious conditions.

Chart showing rising trends in the Spanish property market in 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes 2024 a good year to invest in the Spanish property market?

The combination of a strong recovery in sales, increased mortgage uptake, and the return of business and tourism sectors makes 2024 an ideal time for investment.

How has the demand for residential properties changed recently?

There’s been a significant shift towards homes that offer more space, light, and green features, driving demand in specific regions like the islands and coastal areas.

What are the advantages of investing in properties in Spain’s islands and Mediterranean coast?

These regions not only offer beautiful settings but have also recorded the highest increases in property values, making them lucrative for long-term investments.

Is it still a good time to secure a mortgage in Spain?

Yes, with interest rates remaining at historical lows, it’s an excellent time to secure a mortgage for either purchasing a new home or refinancing an existing property.

How has COVID-19 affected the Spanish real estate market?

The market has shown remarkable resilience with a swift recovery and growth, surpassing pre-pandemic levels, thanks to effective health measures and economic policies.

What should potential investors know about the current state of the Spanish property market?

Investors should be aware of the market’s recovery, current trends in buyer preferences, and the overall positive outlook which makes it a ripe time for investment decisions.

Conclusion: A Resilient Market Poised for Growth

The Spanish property market in 2024 illustrates not only resilience but also a vibrant arena for potential investors and buyers. With sales surpassing pre-pandemic levels and a renewed interest in high-quality properties, the market promises substantial growth and opportunities. At Alenda Golf Property, we remain committed to supporting our clients in navigating this promising market, ensuring they make the most of every opportunity.

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Exploring the Beauty of Costa Blanca with Google’s Futuristic Car

Greetings to all our readers at Alenda Golf Property!

Beauty of Costa Blanca with Google's Futuristic Car

Beauty of Costa Blanca with Google’s Futuristic Car ( This is a cartoon drawing )

Today, we’re taking a slight detour from our usual property-focused content to share an exciting visual treat that combines technology and the scenic beauty of Costa Blanca—captured none other by the innovative Google car.

A vibrant journey along the Mediterranean

As you know, Costa Blanca is not only famous for its stunning properties and golf courses but also for its breathtaking landscapes. What better way to showcase this beauty than through the lens of Google’s advanced mapping technology? The car, equipped with high-tech cameras and sensors, has been roaming the sunny, picturesque roads of our coastal paradise.

The image we’ve featured above is a cartoon-style depiction of the Google car in action. It’s sleek, modern, and painted in Google’s classic colors of blue, red, yellow, and green. In the background, you can see the iconic cliffs, sandy beaches, and the azure Mediterranean Sea that many of you adore and some call home.

This fusion of technology and natural beauty highlights how modern advancements can help showcase the charm of Costa Blanca in unique ways. It also reminds us of the dynamic world we live in, where technology meets tranquility, right here in our beloved region.

We hope you enjoy this artistic representation as much as we did and feel inspired by the blend of innovation and nature. For those of you interested in properties that offer views as stunning as those captured by Google’s cameras, feel free to reach out to us at Alenda Golf Property. Let’s find your dream home together!

Until next time, keep enjoying the beauty that surrounds us!

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If you see this vehicle please give us a heads up so our readers may see it too.

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Unlock Summer Getaways: Belfast to Alicante Flights Launched by easyJet

Unlock Summer Getaways: Belfast to Alicante Flights Launched by easyJet

Belfast City has officially introduced its summer flight schedule featuring a new destination: Alicante, Spain. This service is offered by the budget-friendly airline, easyJet, and operates twice a week on Thursdays and Sundays.

Enhanced Air Travel Options from Belfast

The launch of the Belfast-Alicante route significantly broadens the range of travel possibilities available from Northern Ireland. This route promises to satisfy those looking for either a cultural experience, a relaxing beach holiday or golf holidays in the charming surroundings of Spain’s Costa Blanca.

Strategic Benefits for Local Travelers

The introduction of this route is a boon for Belfast City Airport, marking the beginning of a bustling summer period. The airport continues to focus on providing convenience and choice, fulfilling a strong demand for routes to sunny destinations.

Discover Golfing Excellence on the Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca, with its scenic landscapes and pleasant climate, is a premier destination for golf enthusiasts. The region is renowned for its world-class golf courses, including the celebrated Alenda Golf. This area attracts many golfers, especially from Ireland, due to its well-maintained greens, challenging layouts, and exceptional facilities.  Alenda Golf, along with other nearby courses, offers a comprehensive golfing experience where visitors can play, stay nearby, and enjoy the local hospitality.

Easily Accessible

With a flight time of just over three hours, Alicante is an ideal spot for both quick getaways and extended golf vacations.

This accessibility ensures that golfers can spend more time on the course and less time traveling, making the Costa Blanca a favoured choice for both amateur and seasoned golfers seeking quality play in a picturesque setting. Whether you’re looking to improve your game, experience new challenges, or simply relax in a golf-centric vacation, the Costa Blanca offers an unparalleled golfing retreat.

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