Enhancing Property Value with Golf Course Locations in Spain

Alenda Golf Property Golf view over golf course


Owning a property in Spain that is situated on or adjacent to a golf course can markedly influence its market value in a variety of ways:

Premium Locations: Properties on or near golf courses are typically regarded as high-end due to their select locations, offering panoramic views and direct access to golfing facilities. This exclusivity often leads to a higher price tag compared to similar properties situated in less sought-after areas.

Scenic Views and Serene Environment: Residences on golf courses are known for their stunning landscapes and peaceful surroundings, a stark contrast to the busy city life. The aesthetic appeal and calmness are significant factors that can boost the value of these properties.

Community Amenities: Living in a golf course property usually comes with added benefits, such as access to clubhouses, swimming pools, tennis courts, and other leisure facilities. These amenities not only provide a better living experience but also contribute to the overall value of the property.

Target Market: Golf course properties cater to a specific demographic, typically appealing to those with higher incomes or retirees who are avid golf fans. While this exclusivity might narrow the pool of potential buyers, it also means that properties can fetch a higher price from the right purchaser.

Market Conditions: The value of properties on golf courses, like any real estate, is influenced by the wider market conditions in Spain, including the balance of supply and demand, economic factors, and local property market trends.

It’s essential to remember that while several factors can enhance the value of a golf course property, personal preferences, the golf course’s condition, and the exact location of the property (for instance, its proximity to the clubhouse or specific features of the golf course) can also play a crucial role in determining the price.

By understanding these aspects, potential buyers and investors can make informed decisions when considering the purchase of a property on a golf course in Spain, ensuring that they invest in a property that not only meets their lifestyle but also holds potential for increased value.

Navigating DGT Fines: A Guide to Indicator Use in Spain

A Guide to Indicator Use in Spain

DGT Sanctions for Incorrect Use of Vehicle Signals

The appropriate employment of vehicle signals in Spain remains a widely discussed issue among British expatriates, often leading to extensive discourse. However, questions abound regarding the specific sanctions imposed by the DGT for the misuse of indicators.

The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) emphasises the importance of proper indicator usage to improve road safety, implementing fines for violations of this nature.

Sanctions for Indicator Negligence

As part of its dedication to enhancing road safety, the DGT imposes penalties of up to €200 for drivers who neglect to use their indicators when necessary. Furthermore, failing to activate indicators timely can attract a fine of up to €80.

Settling the fine within 20 days from the notice date allows for a 50% reduction in the fee. These actions underscore the DGT’s commitment to reducing accidents and fostering an orderly flow of traffic.

DGT’s Guidelines

Indicators act as an essential means of communication among drivers and pedestrians, signalling intentions to change lanes, turn, overtake, merge, stop, or park.

  • For turns and directional changes: Signalling before executing any turn or change of direction on the road is obligatory.
  • When lane changing: For instance, on motorways, it is required to signal well in advance to notify nearby vehicles.
  • During overtaking: Indicating one’s intention with the relevant turn signal before leaving the current lane is crucial.
  • When merging into traffic: Whether exiting a parking area or joining a road from an entry point, indicators must be used to alert other road users of one’s manoeuvre.
  • At roundabouts: Employing indicators to signal entry and exit intentions at roundabouts is vital for indicating direction.
  • When parking or halting: The use of indicators is necessary when stopping or parking on public roads, thus informing both drivers and pedestrians on the move.

Avoiding penalties for signal misuse begins with a comprehensive understanding of traffic regulations, especially at complex intersections like roundabouts, where incorrect use is prevalent in Spain.

Consistent use of indicators for every manoeuvre, irrespective of the presence of other vehicles or pedestrians, ensures clear communication of intent and incorporates signal usage into driving habits, thereby protecting against fines.

In Spanish

Sanciones de la DGT por el Uso Incorrecto de los Intermitentes

El uso apropiado de los intermitentes en España sigue siendo un tema de gran debate entre los expatriados británicos, generando a menudo un amplio debate. Sin embargo, surgen dudas sobre las sanciones específicas que impone la DGT por el mal uso de los indicadores.

La Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) subraya la importancia de un uso correcto de los intermitentes para mejorar la seguridad vial, aplicando multas por infracciones de esta naturaleza.

Sanciones por Negligencia en el Uso de Indicadores

Como parte de su compromiso con la mejora de la seguridad vial, la DGT impone sanciones de hasta 200 € a los conductores que omitan usar sus intermitentes cuando sea necesario. Además, no activar los intermitentes a tiempo puede acarrear una multa de hasta 80 €.

Abonar la multa dentro de los 20 días desde la fecha de notificación permite una reducción del 50% en la cantidad. Estas medidas resaltan el compromiso de la DGT con la reducción de accidentes y la promoción de un flujo de tráfico ordenado.

Directrices de la DGT

Los intermitentes actúan como un medio de comunicación esencial entre conductores y peatones, señalando intenciones de cambiar de carril, girar, adelantar, fusionarse, detenerse o estacionarse.

  • Para giros y cambios de dirección: Es obligatorio señalizar antes de realizar cualquier giro o cambio de dirección en la carretera.
  • Al cambiar de carril: Por ejemplo, en autopistas, se requiere señalizar con suficiente antelación para notificar a los vehículos cercanos.
  • Durante un adelantamiento: Es crucial indicar la intención con el intermitente correspondiente antes de dejar el carril actual.
  • Al incorporarse al tráfico: Ya sea saliendo de un aparcamiento o uniéndose a una carretera desde un punto de acceso, se deben utilizar los intermitentes para alertar a otros usuarios de la carretera de la maniobra.
  • En rotondas: Es vital utilizar intermitentes para señalizar las intenciones de entrada y salida en las rotondas, indicando la dirección.
  • Al estacionar o detenerse: El uso de intermitentes es necesario al realizar paradas o estacionamientos en vías públicas, informando así tanto a conductores como a peatones en movimiento.

Evitar sanciones por uso incorrecto de señales comienza con un entendimiento exhaustivo de las normativas de tráfico, especialmente en intersecciones complejas como las rotondas, donde el uso incorrecto es frecuente en España.

El uso habitual de intermitentes para cada maniobra, independientemente de la presencia de otros vehículos o peatones, asegura una comunicación clara de las intenciones e incorpora el uso de señales en los hábitos de conducción, protegiendo así contra multas.

SpanishBanking, DepositLimits,ATMGuidelines,TaxRegulations

Navigating Spanish Banking Regulations Deposit Thresholds Explained

Have you ever pondered how much money you can deposit without attracting undue attention?

The Spanish Treasury vigilantly monitors financial transactions to deter illicit activities such as money laundering and fraud.

Within the ambit of Law 10/2010, amended on 28 April 2010, the Treasury has established specific thresholds for cash deposits in an effort to combat financial crimes.

This legislation is particularly pertinent in an era where digital payments are becoming increasingly prevalent, and cash transactions at ATMs or bank branches are on the decline.

Understanding deposit thresholds

When depositing cash, smaller amounts typically do not trigger alerts.

However, frequent deposits over short periods may prompt banks to report to the Tax Agency for further scrutiny.

Key limits

Deposits exceeding €3,000: These are subject to examination by the Treasury.

Use of €500 notes: Owing to their association with criminal activities, these notes are under close surveillance.

Transactions surpassing €10,000 (for transfers or cash movements) and credits above €6,000.

For deposits exceeding €10,000, declaration in the Income Tax return becomes mandatory.

ATM withdrawal guidelines

The Treasury limits ATM withdrawals to €3,000. Although withdrawals up to this amount are generally permitted, banks may question withdrawals over €1,000, depending on the company’s policies.

To withdraw amounts over €3,000, customers must provide a rationale. This process ensures that the Bank of Spain and the Tax Agency are notified of the transaction.

By complying with these regulations, individuals can navigate the banking system without inadvertently instigating an investigation. It’s vital to remain informed about these limits to ensure that your banking activities stay within legal parameters.



OECD Updates: Spain’s Economic Growth Leads Eurozone in 2024

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has updated its economic forecasts for Spain for the year 2024, with the following key points:

Growth Forecasts for Spain:

The OECD has slightly increased its growth forecast for Spain in 2024 by 0.1 percentage points to 1.5%, following a 2.5% growth in 2023.

It expects the Spanish economy to continue improving, with a projected growth rate of 2% by 2025.

Spain is highlighted as the best-performing major economy in the eurozone for this year and the next, being the only one to have its 2024 growth forecast revised upwards.

Eurozone Growth Projections:

For the eurozone, the OECD now predicts growth of 0.6% in 2024 and 1.3% in 2025. This represents a decline of 0.3 and 0.2 percentage points, respectively.

Germany’s forecast has been downgraded to 0.3% growth in 2024 and 1.1% in 2025, from the previously expected 0.6% and 1.2%.

France’s growth estimate for 2024 has been reduced by 0.2 percentage points to 0.6%, with the 2025 forecast remaining at 1.2%.

Italy’s growth forecasts are confirmed at 0.7% for 2024 and 1.2% for 2025.

Inflation Forecasts for Spain:

The OECD has revised Spain’s inflation forecast for 2024 down to 3.3%, a reduction of 0.4 percentage points, and increased the 2025 projection to 2.5% from 2.3%.

Core inflation in Spain is expected to decrease to 2.7% in 2024 from 4.1% in 2023, which is 0.4 percentage points lower than previously forecasted. By 2025, it is projected to further reduce to 2.1%, slightly lower than earlier estimates.

Eurozone Inflation Projections:

Headline inflation in the eurozone is projected at 2.6% for this year, down from the previously anticipated 2.9%, and is expected to decrease to 2.2% in 2025.

The underlying inflation rate in the eurozone is forecasted to fall to 2.6% in 2024, a decrease of 0.5 percentage points, and to 2.2% in 2025, slightly lower than earlier predictions.

These updates underscore the OECD’s view on Spain’s economic resilience and its positive outlook compared to the broader eurozone context.


Invest in Luxury: Prime Plots at Alenda Golf Course Near Alicante

Alenda Golf Forntline Building Plots Alenda Golf Forntline Building Plots Alenda Golf Forntline Building Plots Alenda Golf Forntline Building Plots Alenda Golf Forntline Building Plots

Buying a building plot of land at Alenda Golf Course, presents a multitude of appealing factors for prospective buyers.

White Areas in Image are building plots.

Here are just five compelling reasons to consider such a purchase:

  1. Exceptional Location and Scenery: Alenda Golf Course offers stunning views and a tranquil environment. Being frontline to the golf course means enjoying serene landscapes and the lush greenery of the golf course right from your doorstep. This setting not only provides a peaceful living environment but also enhances the aesthetic value of your property.
  2. Lifestyle and Amenities: Buying a frontline golf building plot here offers more than just land; it’s about buying into a lifestyle. The Alenda Golf Course is known for its well-maintained facilities, including the golf course itself, which is a draw for golf enthusiasts.  Additionally, there may be other amenities available within the community, such as an ultra modern clubhouse, fitness centre, and social activities, promoting a healthy and socially engaging lifestyle.
  1. Investment Potential: The exclusivity of being located within a golf course community, especially one as reputable as Alenda Golf, significantly adds to the land’s value. Properties in such locations often appreciate over a short period of time, making this an excellent investment opportunity. The unique appeal of golf frontage adds a premium to your investment, potentially yielding higher returns in the future.
  1. Customisation and Design Freedom: Purchasing a building plot gives you the freedom to design and construct your dream home to your exact specifications. Unlike buying a pre-built home, this option allows for complete customisation in terms of architecture, design, and features.  You can create a home that perfectly matches your lifestyle and preferences, incorporating modern technologies and sustainable building practices if desired.
  1. Proximity to Alicante: Alenda Golf is conveniently located near Alicante, a vibrant city known for its beautiful beaches, rich history, and cultural offerings. Elche, a beautiful historic city know for its narrow streets, tapas bars and old town. Alicante airport is 12 minutes by car and the main A7 motorway access to Spain skirts the golf course.  Owning a plot near Alicante means you are just a short drive away from international airports, shopping, dining, and entertainment options, as well as medical facilities and educational institutions. This proximity offers the perfect balance between a peaceful, scenic living environment and access to urban conveniences.

In summary, purchasing a building plot at Alenda Golf Course in Monforte del Cid, Alicante, offers a blend of lifestyle benefits, investment potential, and the joy of creating your custom dream home, all set against the backdrop of stunning natural beauty and proximity to urban amenities.

Want to know more about investing at Alenda Golf then contact us, Alenda Golf Property Specialists at info@alendagolfproperty.com or call + 34 649 649 018



The Rising Value of Building Plots on Golf Courses

Alenda Golf Building PlotsAlenda Golf Building Plots





A Smart Investment

In recent years, the allure of living within a stone’s throw of golf courses on the Costa Blanca with their lush fairways and meticulously maintained greens has significantly boosted the value of building plots on golf courses.

This trend is not merely a reflection of the desire for luxury living but underscores a savvy investment strategy that capitalises on the unique blend of lifestyle and financial benefits these locations offer.

Scenic Beauty and Exclusivity

One of the primary reasons building plots on golf courses like Alenda Golf are highly sought after is their scenic beauty. The expansive views of the surrounding mountains, of well-kept lawns, serene water features, and mature landscaping provide a tranquil environment that is hard to find elsewhere.

This scenic beauty not only enhances the quality of life for residents but also significantly contributes to the property’s value, making it an attractive investment.

Enhanced Quality of Life

Living on a golf course such as Alenda Golf offers more than just a beautiful view; it provides a lifestyle that many golfers and non-golfers aspire to.

Having access to golfing facilities, gymnasium, clubhouses, and other recreational amenities promotes a healthy, active lifestyle.

Furthermore, Alenda Golf boasts additional features such as views towards the mountains, walking and biking trails, and a local Dicost supermarket that all add to the allure and value of the investment.

Limited Supply

The availability of building plots on golf courses is inherently limited. This scarcity is a key factor driving up their value. As more people seek the unique lifestyle these locations offer, the demand for building plots in these areas increases, leading to a rise in prices.

Alenda Golf, with its reputation and desirable location, exemplifies this trend, making plots here particularly valuable.

Investment Growth

Investing in a building plot on a golf course like Alenda Golf is not just about enjoying the current benefits. It’s also about anticipating future gains.

Real estate in such premium locations tends to appreciate at a higher rate than the average property market. This appreciation is driven by the continuous demand for luxury and lifestyle properties, making it a wise long-term investment.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Living

Modern golf communities are increasingly focusing on sustainability and eco-friendly living. Investments in green technologies, water conservation, and natural landscaping not only contribute to the environment but also appeal to a growing segment of eco-conscious buyers.

This shift towards sustainability can enhance the value and attractiveness of properties on golf courses like Alenda Golf, further solidifying their investment potential.


The rising value of building plots on other surrounding golf courses is a testament to their enduring appeal as a smart investment. Offering a unique combination of scenic beauty, exclusive lifestyle, and sustainable living, these properties are not just a place to live but a wise financial investment strategy that promises growth and appreciation over time.

For those looking to invest in real estate, a building plot on a prestigious golf course like Alenda Golf represents an opportunity to capitalise on a market that continues to thrive and expand.

Want to know more about investing at Alenda Golf then contact us, Alenda Golf Property Specialists at info@alendagolfproperty.com or call + 34 649 649 018



A Closer Look at Spain’s Second-Hand Housing Market Trends

Alenda Golf Property Price Rise

In January, the Spanish second-hand housing market witnessed a modest increase in prices, marking a 0.6% rise from December.

However, the year-on-year analysis presents a more significant growth of 7.5%, setting the average price at €2,215 per square metre, as reported by the Fotocasa Real Estate Index. This annual growth rate represents a slight deceleration compared to January 2023’s increase of 9%.

Key Highlights:

  • Modest Monthly Increase: January saw a 0.6% price increase compared to December.
  • Annual Growth Rate: A 7.5% year-on-year increase, albeit lower than the 9% growth recorded in January 2023.
  • Local Variances: A detailed look at 655 municipalities revealed:
  • Prices rose in 84% of municipalities on a year-on-year basis.
  • In 53 municipalities, prices surged by more than 20%, with 8 witnessing growth above 40%. Notably, Torre-Pacheco saw a remarkable 57.3% increase, followed by San Miguel de Salinas at 50.2%.
  • Provincial Perspectives: Among the 50 provinces analysed, 88% experienced a year-on-year price rise in January. Alicante and Murcia stood out with increases of 12.6% and 11.1%, respectively.

The mixed picture of Spain’s second-hand housing market underscores the nuanced nature of regional market dynamics.

While the overall trend indicates growth, the variance at local and provincial levels highlights areas of significant investment potential.

Want to know more about investing at Alenda Golf then contact us at info@alendagolfproperty.com or call + 34 649 649 018


The Rising Tide of National Buyers Along the Spanish Coastline

Alenda Golf Property Specialists

The property market along the Spanish coast is witnessing a transformative phase, with a surge in interest from national buyers marking a significant departure from the traditionally international-dominated scene.

This shift has become particularly pronounced in the early months of this year, with Taylor Wimpey Spain, a prominent developer known for its golfing and beachfront properties, recording a notable change in buyer demographics.

In the picturesque town of Dénia, the Bella Beach apartments stand as a testament to this evolving trend. Here, Taylor Wimpey Spain has observed that half of the property inquiries are now from Spanish nationals. This shift is not just a passing trend but a clear indication of Spaniards’ growing fondness for coastal living.

But the horizon holds even more promise. Taylor Wimpey Spain is gearing up to further enchant the market with an array of new developments. The company is on a mission to broaden its property portfolio, promising to enhance its array of offerings in sought-after locales.

A special spotlight shines on the upcoming project at Alenda Golf, where anticipation is building. Signs have already been placed at Alenda Golf, heralding the start of an exciting new chapter in the area’s development.

This project is poised to inject more impetus into the growth at Alenda Golf, along with the new 3 bedroom townhouse at the top end of the urbanization and land being prepared for 50 new building plots.

Growth that is cementing Alenda Golfs reputation as a premier destination for both national and international buyers.  Want to know more about investing at Alenda Golf then contact us at info@alendagolfproperty.com or call + 34 649 649 018


Spain’s Tourism Triumph: A Record-Breaking Year in 2023

Spain's Remarkable Tourism Growth in 2023

Spain’s Record-Breaking Tourism Figures

In an unprecedented surge, Spain welcomed approximately 85.1 million international visitors in 2023, eclipsing the pre-pandemic record of 83.5 million in 2019.

This significant achievement underscores Spain’s allure as a premier global destination.

Leading Source Markets: The UK, France, and Germany

The UK, France, and Germany were at the forefront, contributing to Spain’s prominence in the tourism sector.

Their citizens’ preference for Spain highlights enduring cultural and recreational ties.

Economic Windfall from Tourism

The influx of tourists in 2023 generated approximately £108.7 billion in revenue, marking a 25% increase from the previous year.

This boost has been vital, contributing to 12% of Spain’s GDP and reinforcing tourism’s role in the national economy.

Spain’s monumental success in 2023 is a testament to its unyielding appeal and the global travel community’s resilience.

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French Court Rejects 90-Day Amendment: Spain Vows to Fight On

French Court Rejects 90-Day Amendment: Spain Vows to Fight On

French Court Rejects 90-Day Amendment: Spain Vows to Fight On

In a recent development, a French court has rejected an amendment to its immigration law that could have had significant implications for thousands of British homeowners who are non-residents in France. The rejected amendment had aimed to allow British homeowners to spend 90 days in the country, with a maximum of 180 days per year, split into two blocks of two months each. This decision has dealt a major blow to the hopes of British homeowners in France.

The Battle for the 90-Day Rule

The French Senate had initially proposed a special status for British homeowners, offering a glimmer of hope in the battle against the 90-day rule. However, it seems that this move has been deemed unconstitutional by the French judiciary, leading to the rejection of the amendment.

Implications for British Homeowners in Spain

France’s decision not only affects British homeowners within its borders but also has implications for those in Spain. Many British homeowners in Spain were eagerly awaiting the outcome of the French case, as it could have set a precedent for similar changes in Spain.

Spain, however, has taken a different approach in addressing the 90-day ruling. Despite the setback in France, Spain has vowed to continue its fight within the European Union to amend the law. The 90-day rule has a significant impact on British long-term tourists and holiday homeowners in Spain, and the Spanish government is determined to find a solution.

Spain’s EU Route

Unlike France, which faced its legal battle internally, Spain has opted for the European Union route to address the 90-day rule. Spanish officials have been engaged in discussions with their counterparts in Brussels over the issue, seeking EU-level changes to benefit British homeowners.

The 90-day rule has left many British holiday homeowners in Spain with a tough decision to make. Due to the restrictions, they can only utilize their properties for six months of the year, significantly affecting their plans and investments.


The rejection of the 90-day amendment by a French court has sent shockwaves through the community of British homeowners in France and those in Spain awaiting a similar change. While France faces a legal roadblock, Spain remains committed to fighting for a resolution within the European Union.

This development highlights the complex and evolving landscape of immigration laws and their impact on individuals’ lives. As British homeowners in both countries continue to grapple with these challenges, the future remains uncertain.

13 Great Reasons for Living at Alenda Golf

Alenda Golf Property Specialists

A Personal Journey of Enjoyment, Tranquility and Community

As someone who has called Alenda Golf home for nearly two decades, I’m in a prime position to share why this charming location might just be your next dream home. From its sprawling golf course to the vibrant community, here are 13 great reasons why Alenda Golf is more than just a residence: it’s a lifestyle.

  1. Space to Breathe, Space to Live and Space to Play

Nestled at the foot of the Sierra de las Aguilas, Alenda Golf offers an expanse of openness and space. Living here means embracing a lifestyle filled with fresh air, minimal pollution, and a sense of freedom that’s hard to find elsewhere.

  1. Local Dicost Supermarket: Convenience at Your Doorstep

The local supermarket, a stone’s throw from the Alenda Golf Clubhouse, and just by the Padel Courts, is a haven for international products, fresh produce, and local wines. Run by two dedicated brothers, this supermarket is more than just a store: it’s a symbol of the community’s spirit.

  1. Alenda Golf Clubhouse: A Modern Haven

With its ultramodern design, the clubhouse overlooks the picturesque front nine holes. It’s not just about golf; the clubhouse boasts a Tapas Bar Restaurant, a top-notch Olympic style gym, and saunas, making it the perfect spot for relaxation and socializing.

  1. The Alenda Golf Course: A Golfer’s Paradise

Designed by Roland Favrat, this 18-hole championship golf course is a testament to quality and design. Not only is it a beautiful course, but it’s also a hub for major golfing events, adding to its prestige.

It is a venue for DP World Tour Qualifying School, and the Spanish Senior Professional Championships have been held here in 2017, 2018, 2020.

  1. Accessibility: Connected and Convenient

The strategic location of Alenda Golf, just 15 minutes from Alicante Airport, 10 minutes from Elche and Alicante, which ensures that you’re never too far from urban amenities whilst enjoying the tranquility of a golf resort.

Monforte del Cid is just 5 minutes away where there are local shops, doctors, postoffice and local schools.

  1. Communications: Staying Connected

At Alenda Golf, modern communication is a given. With options ranging from traditional Telefonica systems to the comprehensive Cable World infrastructure, staying connected is effortless.

  1. Cleanliness and Maintenance: A Well-Kept Secret

Thanks to the diligent local junta in Monforte Del Cid, Alenda Golf is a model of cleanliness and maintenance, ensuring a pristine living environment.

  1. Property Options: A Home for Every Dream

Whether it’s a frontline golf villa, townhouse or a cozy apartment, Alenda Golf offers a diverse range of properties. Each home is an investment opportunity waiting to be discovered, so buy soon as prices are increasing across Spain.

  1. Security: Safe and Sound

With multiple security measures, including cameras and community watch groups, Alenda Golf is a place where safety is paramount.

  1. Educational Facilities: Nurturing Future Generations

The Colegio San Alberto Magno offers excellent bilingual education, ensuring that living at Alenda Golf is a smart choice for families.

  1. Recreational Activities: More Than Just Golf

Exploring the area around the golf course and into the surrounding valleys presents an exclusive adventure, ranging from tranquil walks through vineyards to exhilarating mountain treks.

For mountain biking enthusiasts, the nearby foothills and mountains feature a variety of trails, and for road cyclists, the local routes, famously included in the Vuelta a España in August 2019, offer plenty of stimulating challenges.

  1. Investment Potential: A Wise Choice

Properties at Alenda Golf begin at a modest £119k, signifying more than just a place of residence; they represent a shrewd investment. The area is rapidly expanding, with new development initiatives underway, including the clearing of building plots for frontline villas, 54 sizeable townhouses under construction, and the commencement of a fresh apartment urbanization project by a established UK builder.

  1. Community and Lifestyle: The Heart of Alenda Golf

The sense of community and the lifestyle at Alenda Golf are unparalleled, offering a unique blend of tranquility, activity, and connection.


In conclusion, Alenda Golf is more than just a place to live; it’s a community that offers a unique lifestyle. Whether it’s the breathtaking golf course, the range of amenities, or the sense of community, there’s something for everyone at Alenda Golf.

Foreign Interest in Spanish Properties Hits Record High in 2023

Foreign Interest in Spanish Properties Hits Record High in 2023

Welcome to our in-depth analysis of Spain’s real estate market in 2023, a year that saw an unprecedented influx of foreign buyers despite economic uncertainties and rising interest rates. The year marked a significant shift in the landscape of property purchases in Spain, with foreign investors playing a pivotal role. From the sunny coasts of Valencia to the bustling streets of Madrid, international homebuyers, led by the British, Germans, and Moroccans, have shown a growing appetite for Spanish properties.

This blog delves into the fascinating trends of 2023, highlighting key statistics, buyer preferences, and the evolving dynamics of Spain’s property market. Whether you’re an investor, a potential homebuyer, or simply curious about the latest market trends, join us as we explore what made 2023 a landmark year in Spain’s real estate history.


  • Record Foreign Investment: In the first half of 2023, foreigners accounted for 21.4% of home purchases in Spain, a record since data collection began.
  • Top Buyers by Nationality: Brits (9.6%), Germans (8.1%), and Moroccans (7.3%) led in home buying, with significant transactions despite interest rate hikes.
  • Sales Figures: 67,983 properties sold to foreigners, third-best historically. 56.8% of these sales were by resident foreigners, a slight year-on-year decline.
  • Preferred Locations: Coastal regions like Valencia, Andalusia, and Catalonia were top choices for foreign buyers.
  • Pricing Trends: Average transaction price for foreign buyers was €2,095/m2, surpassing the national average. Non-resident foreigners paid the most, at €2,598/m2.
  • Nationality-Specific Insights: Swedes and Danes paid the highest prices per square meter. Russians, French, Italians, and others also exceeded the national average.
  • Transaction Breakdown: Majority of foreign purchases were for first residences (68%), followed by second homes (21%) and rental investments (11%).
  • Mortgage Trends: Germans led in mortgage applications, with a rise in younger, digitally savvy buyers.
  • Rental Market Growth: Rental interest, especially in coastal areas, surged in 2023, with significant foreign inquiries on properties in less populated towns.