Alenda Golf Property Specialists

The property market along the Spanish coast is witnessing a transformative phase, with a surge in interest from national buyers marking a significant departure from the traditionally international-dominated scene.

This shift has become particularly pronounced in the early months of this year, with Taylor Wimpey Spain, a prominent developer known for its golfing and beachfront properties, recording a notable change in buyer demographics.

In the picturesque town of Dénia, the Bella Beach apartments stand as a testament to this evolving trend. Here, Taylor Wimpey Spain has observed that half of the property inquiries are now from Spanish nationals. This shift is not just a passing trend but a clear indication of Spaniards’ growing fondness for coastal living.

But the horizon holds even more promise. Taylor Wimpey Spain is gearing up to further enchant the market with an array of new developments. The company is on a mission to broaden its property portfolio, promising to enhance its array of offerings in sought-after locales.

A special spotlight shines on the upcoming project at Alenda Golf, where anticipation is building. Signs have already been placed at Alenda Golf, heralding the start of an exciting new chapter in the area’s development.

This project is poised to inject more impetus into the growth at Alenda Golf, along with the new 3 bedroom townhouse at the top end of the urbanization and land being prepared for 50 new building plots.

Growth that is cementing Alenda Golfs reputation as a premier destination for both national and international buyers.  Want to know more about investing at Alenda Golf then contact us at or call + 34 649 649 018