• Spain has introduced a new Animal Welfare Law.
  • The official title is “Law 7/2023, of March 28, on the protection of the rights and well-being of animals.”
  • It was published on Friday, 29th September.

Main Changes and Prohibitions:

Some past habits of pet owners could lead to fines.

One notable change: Owners can no longer leave their dogs tied up outside supermarkets or other establishments while shopping.

Spain’s New Animal Welfare Law: Key Points

As per section d) of Article 27: It’s prohibited to leave pets ‘tied or wandering through public spaces without in-person supervision by the person responsible for their care and behavior.

Breaching this rule, among others in the law, may result in a fine

Penalty Framework:

Article 73 categorises leaving a dog tied up in this manner as a minor infraction.

Penalty breakdown:

Minor infractions:

Warning or a fine between €500 and €10,000.

Serious violations: Fine of €10,001 to €50,000.

Very serious infractions: Fine of €50,001 to €200,000.

Insurance Considerations:

The General Directorate of Insurance (DGS) issued guidance on the insurance implications.

Key points from the circular:

  • Insurance for dogs isn’t mandatory unless stated by regional or local regulations or specific use-cases involving the dog.
  • Existing dogs continue to be covered by home insurance, barring exceptions like dangerous breeds or those needing specific civil liability insurance.
  • As an indicative price for civil liability of €300,000:
  • The annual premium ranges from €50 to €90, with an excess of €150 to €300.

This law marks a significant change in Spain’s approach to animal welfare, emphasising the well-being and protection of pets.