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The sale of homes rose 26.7% in the Valencia region in November in relation to the same month of 2020, to add 7,529 operations, as reported this Thursday by the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

As for the total number of rural plots transferred in the records of the autonomy, they were 26,345 in November, which represents an annual increase of 19%.

Meanwhile, in Spain as a whole, the sale of homes soared 24.4% year-on-year, to add 49,895 operations in November, its highest figure in this month since 2007, when it exceeded 56,000 transactions.

With the interannual advance of November 2021, the sale of homes has chained nine consecutive months of positive rates after the increases of 32.4% and 65.9% registered in March and April, respectively, of 107.6% in May, 73.5% in June, 53.5% in July, 57.9% in August, 40.6% in September and 22.2% in October.

The year-on-year rise in home sales in November was a consequence of the increase in operations on new homes, which grew by 30.5%, to 10,341 operations, as well as the increase in the sale of used flats by 22.9%, up to 39,554 transactions.

In monthly terms (November 2021 over October of the same year), the sale of homes increased by 7.9%, its greatest advance in a month of November since 2017.

In the first eleven months of last year, the sale of homes accumulated a rise of 34.7%, with increases of 38.4% in operations on new homes and 33.8% in the case of second-hand.

In November, the highest number of Spanish property sales per 100,000 inhabitants occurred in Comunitat Valenciana (188), La Rioja (186) and Cantabria (169).

In absolute values, Andalusia was the region that carried out the most home transactions during the penultimate month of last year, with 11,075 purchases, followed by Comunitat Valenciana (7,529), Cataluña (7,431) and Madrid (6,094).

Kevin Reardon