Could the prospect of a tourist levy deter holidaymakers from choosing certain destinations? To dispel doubts, some Spanish areas have assured that British tourists will not be subject to the mooted tax.

Carlos Mazon, head of the Valencian Community, which includes Castellon, Valencia, and Alicante provinces, pledged just before the May election triumph that British visitors would not be hit with the feared tourist tax. This region, hosting the UK’s beloved Costa Blanca, has taken decisive action to ensure the proposed charge is not enforced.

No Tourist Tax for Brits in Valencia Region

Valencian Assurance

“The paperwork is almost complete,” Carlos Mazon, of Spain’s People’s Party, announced at the World Travel Market London, referring to measures to block the Valencian Community Tourist Tax.

Tourism Over Taxes

Mazon emphasised the value of British tourists, stating, “We want to reassure them that there’s no need to worry about this ideological tax distancing us from the British market, in particular.”

He shared his discomfort with the idea of such a tax: “On behalf of this community, I’m embarrassed to come to London and tell tourists that, despite being a source of wealth and income, they must pay for the privilege.”

A Welcoming Gesture

Mazon’s message was clear: “I want to come here and express our appreciation for their visits, which bring prosperity, and to extend a warm welcome.”

Regional Responses

While the Valencian Community has dismissed the tax, the Balearic Islands and Catalonia have implemented it. The Basque Country is still undecided. Asturias, under Adrian Barbon, has introduced the tax, allowing local councils to determine its application.