Alenda Golf Salutes the New Commemorative €2 Coin for the National Police

Alenda Golf, a name synonymous with the spirit of Spain, takes pride in highlighting a unique event celebrating the country’s heritage. In 2024, Spain will issue a special €2 coin to honor the 200th anniversary of the National Police, showcasing the fusion of history and modern currency.

The National Police, a cornerstone of Spanish security, will reach a bicentennial milestone in 2024. To commemorate this occasion, the Ministry of the Interior has announced the release of a special €2 coin in the first quarter of 2024. This move reflects Spain’s rich tradition of minting commemorative coins, which began with a tribute to the first edition of ‘The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha.’

These commemorative coins are more than just collector’s items; they are legal tender throughout the euro area, identical in characteristics and properties to other €2 coins. Their uniqueness lies in the national side design, serving both as a collectible and functional currency.

The 2024 coin, marking two centuries since King Ferdinand VII established the General Police of the Kingdom, adds a new chapter to Spain’s narrative. Alenda Golf is delighted to share this momentous occasion, celebrating a significant milestone in Spain’s law enforcement history.

This commemorative coin not only honors the past but also looks forward to a future where tradition and modernity coexist harmoniously.

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