In 2024, travellers will face a host of new travel and flight regulations.

These changes include the introduction of tourist taxes, fingerprint checks, amendments to the 100ml liquid rule for hand luggage, and a £6 fee for EU entry.

For those planning to travel in 2024, it’s crucial to be aware of the upcoming alterations encompassing EU border controls, visa requirements, hand luggage regulations, passport guidelines, and tourist taxes. Here is a detailed rundown of what to expect:

New Travel and Flight Rules for 2024 (UK English Summary):

  • Tourist Taxes: Possible implementation of ‘tourist taxes’ in destinations like Valencia, Spain. Charges vary between €0.50 and €2 per night in hotels, apartments, campsites, and hostels.
  • Fingerprint Checks and EU Entry/Exit System (EES): Starting autumn 2024, non-EU citizens must register fingerprints, facial images, and travel details upon entering or exiting EU countries.
  • ETIAS for UK Nationals: Mandatory European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) for British citizens travelling to EU states. Valid for three years or until passport expiry, costing €7 for ages 18-70. Free for under-18s and over-70s. Expected to be operational in 2024.
  • 100ml Liquid Rule Changes: From June 2024, UK travellers can carry up to two litres of liquids in hand luggage due to upgraded airport security scanners.
  • Passport Regulations: Passports must be less than 10 years old on travel day and have at least three months remaining post-return.
  • Children and e-Gates: Since July, children aged 10 and above can use e-Gates at 13 UK airports and Eurostar terminals in Brussels and Paris. Previously, the minimum age was 12.

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