Mulligans, an age-old golf tradition, offers players a second chance for shots gone awry.

Mulligans, an age-old golf tradition

Here’s a fun guide on when to try to get a mulligan:

  1. 1st Tee Shot: A poor initial drive justifies the use of a mulligan, especially without adequate warm-up. Be cautious though if your first drive was good, if your host disapproves, after an extensive practice session, or when being the last golfer with no one else taking a mulligan.
  2. Missed Short Putt: If you miss a short putt, feel free to replay it. But avoid extending this to longer putts as it may be seen as taking unfair advantage.
  3. Wrong Spot Play: Hitting from an incorrect location on a new course can happen. In such situations, it’s okay to take another shot.
  4. Damaged Golf Ball: If your ball behaves unusually due to damage, a mulligan is perfectly fine.
  5. Poor Performance on 18th Hole: If you’ve had a bad day and mess up the final shot, take a ‘pity mulligan’.
  6. First Putt on Fast Greens: If the practice green speed is different from the course, and your fellow players are agreeable, a mulligan could be considered.
  7. Distraction during Backswing: A sneeze, car honk or any unexpected noise during your backswing is an acceptable reason for a mulligan, provided you use it sparingly.
  8. Foot Slip during Swing: Slipping during the swing doesn’t reflect your skill. Feel free to take another shot but avoid frequent usage.
  9. Animal Interference: If an animal interrupts your shot, that’s a valid excuse for a mulligan.
  10. Phone Call Interruption: Life happens. If an urgent call disrupts your game, you’re justified to hit another ball.