Here is what you need to know!

Golden Visa is a program that allows Non-EU nationals to acquire residency and citizenship in certain countries.

This program allows you to legally work and live in Spain when purchasing Spanish real estate valued at a minimum of €500,000 (self-funded and paid in full – no debt financing allowed under

Spain is the most popular Golden Visa country in many aspects from ideal climate, modern lifestyle, and warm people to profitable investment opportunities.

A Spanish Golden Visa Provides the following.

Travel freely between Schengen countries Work permit and residency in Spain.
Opportunity includes spouses, children below 18 y/o, and children above 18 y/o who are dependent on the investor.
The right to benefit from public education and healthcare services in that country.
The right to apply for permanent residency in Spain and ultimately for Spanish citizenship.
Opportunity to earn rental yield by renting your investments in real estate. Exemption from double taxation.

Here is more that you should know!

Who Can Apply for a Golden Visa in Spain?
Non-EU citizens over 18 years old. Must not have a criminal record.
Those who have not been denied entry to any of the other Schengen countries.
Those who are not in an illegal situation in Spain

How to Get the Golden Visa?

The following conditions must be met for your application:-

Minimum €500.000 property purchase that may be spread over more than one property.
Minimum €2.000.000 investment to Spanish Public Debt. Minimum €1.000.000 stock purchase from Spanish companies. Minimum €1.000.000 investment to a Spanish investment found, The prices stated above are net amounts to be paid without taxes and finance.
Developing a business plan. The plan should provide employment, create positive economic and social effects, or contribute to the development of science and technology.
Purchased properties must be kept until citizenship is obtained or forever.
The investor and his/her family must visit Spain at least once in each visa period.
You will need to assign a lawyer for this process.
The lawyer fee is circa 2,000€ + IVA per family member.


What do I need to have prior to applying for Golden Visa in Spain?

Passport valid for at least one more year
Mariage certificates and/or birth certificates in case of an application for spouse and children
Health insurance documents valid in Spain Proof of no Criminal record
Proof of sufficient resources
Proof of investment (in case of real estate; title deed or property registration document)

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