How Living Near a Golf Course Elevates Property Prices

For golf enthusiasts, residing in a golf community is an obvious choice.

For them, having a property near a golf course equates to waking up and heading straight to the greens.

Even those not particularly keen on golf often prefer living in a golf community due to its well-maintained landscapes and resort-like amenities.

Clubhouses might offer dining facilities, fitness centres, swimming pools, or even a combination of these.

The convenience of having such amenities close by typically convinces most people, and if not, the landscaping usually seals the deal.

However, if we were to examine this from solely a financial standpoint, one might wonder whether living in or investing in a golf community is financially beneficial.

How do golf courses enhance property value?

Research conducted by the National Recreation and Parks Association has demonstrated that properties overlooking a golf course, even if not part of the golf community, enjoy 15-30% higher property values.

Like all investments, the precise increase in your property’s value cannot be guaranteed, but properties in golf course communities typically experience an average annual value increase of around 7% above the usual rate.

Despite some concerns regarding the perception of golf courses among new property owners, evidence suggests that potential buyers still regard golf courses positively when considering property purchases.

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