English Voting Rights

In a historic move, an estimated 3.4 million British citizens living abroad can now vote in British General Elections and referendums, thanks to the Elections Act 2022.

This marks the most significant expansion of the British electoral franchise since women gained suffrage in 1928.

Key Points:

  1. Removal of 15-year limit: Effective January 16, 2024, the 15-year voting limit for British citizens abroad has been abolished.
  2. Simplified online registration: British citizens living abroad can easily register online, tied to their last UK address, whether for voting or residency.
  3. Extended electoral participation: Registered expatriate voters will stay on the electoral roll for up to 3 years, with options for postal or proxy voting.
  4. ‘Votes for Life’ campaign: The victory of this campaign, championed by Conservatives Abroad, ensures expatriates’ voting rights despite opposition from Labour and Liberal Democrat parties.
  5. Political reactions: Heather Harper MBE, Chairman of Conservatives Abroad, highlights the importance of recognizing the rights of British citizens worldwide.

This historic moment strengthens British democracy, allowing expatriates to actively shape their homeland’s future, regardless of their time spent overseas.

It represents a significant step in including the global community of British citizens in the democratic process.

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