Good quality images sell more property!

Alenda Golf Property believe that good-quality images of a property that is for sale enable a potential buyer to get a first look at what they, hopefully, will want to see for real.

High-quality images are essential for potential buyers to get a good sense of the property and to ensure that the images accurately represent the property.

We tend to take more images than required as that enables us to select those that have the most impact.  We also prepare them in size and format to ensure the images look great when seen online, added to the brochure, and distributed on social media.

We only include and display photos that are of the actual property that is being listed, as we know that viewers don’t appreciate seeing additional images of other similar properties mixed in with the true property photos.

Property viewers simply expect to see all that is shown in the displayed images of a property they wish to view.

Good quality images sell more property!

Generally, good photography results in a greater number of enquiries and viewings and contributes not only to a faster sale but may also help to achieve an enhanced price.

When we take photographs of your property as part of our service, there is no charge for these images, however, kindly note they remain the intellectual property of Alenda Golf Property.  They are not shared with any other property businesses.

Additionally, Alenda Golf Property also take and produces videos of the property to be listed.

Preparing For a Photo Shoot

When we arrange a date for taking photographs of your property, we would like to recommend that you do the following:


  • Ensure your property is clean and free of clutter – minimalist works best
  • Pay special attention to kitchen and bathroom surfaces
  • Open curtains, blinds, and shutters
  • Turn on all electric lights – we will turn on and off lights if you are not there on the day
  • Open shutters, curtains, and clean windows, if necessary


  • Remove or hide rubbish or trash containers
  • Put away garden hoses, tools, toys, and bikes
  • Remove swimming pool covers and accessories
  • Place outdoor furniture, with cushions, on terraces
  • Remove vehicles from the driveway and front of the property if possible


Why Use Alenda Golf Property to help you sell your property?

  • We have lived on Alenda Golf for 17 years, we know Alenda Golf, we know the true value of the property and we know the whole buy-seller process.
  • We advertise your property across several websites, property portals and social media to give you the best opportunity for success.
  • We also manage the prospect enquiry and gather as much information as possible concerning their financial status, current property situation, and general background as best we can.
  • We manage the whole process as best we can to get positive results


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