French Court Rejects 90-Day Amendment: Spain Vows to Fight On

French Court Rejects 90-Day Amendment: Spain Vows to Fight On

In a recent development, a French court has rejected an amendment to its immigration law that could have had significant implications for thousands of British homeowners who are non-residents in France. The rejected amendment had aimed to allow British homeowners to spend 90 days in the country, with a maximum of 180 days per year, split into two blocks of two months each. This decision has dealt a major blow to the hopes of British homeowners in France.

The Battle for the 90-Day Rule

The French Senate had initially proposed a special status for British homeowners, offering a glimmer of hope in the battle against the 90-day rule. However, it seems that this move has been deemed unconstitutional by the French judiciary, leading to the rejection of the amendment.

Implications for British Homeowners in Spain

France’s decision not only affects British homeowners within its borders but also has implications for those in Spain. Many British homeowners in Spain were eagerly awaiting the outcome of the French case, as it could have set a precedent for similar changes in Spain.

Spain, however, has taken a different approach in addressing the 90-day ruling. Despite the setback in France, Spain has vowed to continue its fight within the European Union to amend the law. The 90-day rule has a significant impact on British long-term tourists and holiday homeowners in Spain, and the Spanish government is determined to find a solution.

Spain’s EU Route

Unlike France, which faced its legal battle internally, Spain has opted for the European Union route to address the 90-day rule. Spanish officials have been engaged in discussions with their counterparts in Brussels over the issue, seeking EU-level changes to benefit British homeowners.

The 90-day rule has left many British holiday homeowners in Spain with a tough decision to make. Due to the restrictions, they can only utilize their properties for six months of the year, significantly affecting their plans and investments.


The rejection of the 90-day amendment by a French court has sent shockwaves through the community of British homeowners in France and those in Spain awaiting a similar change. While France faces a legal roadblock, Spain remains committed to fighting for a resolution within the European Union.

This development highlights the complex and evolving landscape of immigration laws and their impact on individuals’ lives. As British homeowners in both countries continue to grapple with these challenges, the future remains uncertain.