Alenda Golf | Dicost Supermarket

The local Dicost supermarket has everything one could need, including many well-known European brands and specialities.

It is owned and run by two of the nicest and customer focused entrepreneurs you will ever have the pleasure of meeting Adrian and Alain.  They are motivated Elche Football supporters, but unfortunately, the team is not doing well this 2022 season and are currently last in the league so give them some support.

If they do not stock what you are looking for they will do their best to get it for you.

They will also make deliveries on Alenda Golf, and their bread, made fresh every few hours all day and is the best bread around by far.

The fresh fruit, salads, and vegetables are very reasonably priced and make great eating.

The fillet steaks they are selling are well worth the try.


Dicost Supermarket Alenda Golf
Dicost Supermarket Alenda Golf