The Valencia region in Spain is facing an ‘extremely hot and dry’ year, with forecasts suggesting it could end as the third driest trimester in the last 150 years, as per Aemet, the state weather agency.

In comparison to 2022, the region in 2023 experienced significantly higher average temperatures, registering 1.4ºC above the usual norms.

Furthermore, there was a substantial decline in rainfall, with precipitation levels 33% lower than typical figures.

Costa Blanca A Record-Breaking Year of Heat and Drought

This is a noticeable deviation from 2022, when the weather patterns were relatively more moderate.

The current trend of increased temperatures and decreased rainfall is expected to persist into the winter, maintaining temperatures ‘above normal’.

These extreme weather conditions in 2023, especially when compared to the preceding year, highlight the growing impact of climate change on regional weather systems.