Some interesting information is seen in an article placed in the Olive Press reporting a survey which was carried out by Campbell Ferguson Spain.

  • More Expat Brits continue to sell their Spanish holiday and residential homes as they will get more pounds for their euro and are able to afford a better property back in the UK.
  • More Brits are motivated to sell their Spanish homes due to restrictive stay periods allowed because of being out of the European Community
  • However, once again, the Brits, are still the largest buyers, making up at least 16% of foreign buyers.
  • Average Difference Between Asking Price and Actual Selling Price.  –  July to September. 7.09% – is the most recent quarter, where the market is perhaps beginning to reflect the seriousness of the European and World economic situation and sellers are more nervous and so willing to accept offers at less than the asking price.
  • There is a shortage of supply of all property types and especially the higher priced ones, in most areas.
  • Prices have started to creep up and will probably do so more if the supply shortage and excess demand continue.
  • ‘Golden Visas’ have continued their popularity for non-EU buyers, contributing to the demand for higher value properties as they permit residence of more than 90 days in any 180.
  • The central Government is promoting a number of visa styles, aimed at the wealthy retired and ‘digital nomads’, who can work and live anywhere, communicating principally by internet with only the occasional ‘presence’ back in the head office.