Nearly half of British citizens seeking residency in the European Union post-Brexit have opted for Spain, as revealed by data from Eurostat and reported by El Mundo.

Of the 858,000 UK nationals granted permission to live in EU nations over the past two years, a significant 412,000 (48%) have established their homes in Spain.

Trailing behind Spain in popularity are France and the Netherlands, attracting 162,000 and 96,000 British expatriates respectively.

The majority of Britons relocating to Spain are committing to stays exceeding one year, indicating their intention to reside there long-term.

This group constitutes over 10% of all non-EU foreign nationals who have received Spanish residence permits, a figure that surpassed 3 million by the end of 2022.

The province of Malaga has witnessed the largest influx of British residents, with an increase of 5,804. It’s followed closely by Alicante (+5,385), the Balearic Islands (+3,419), and Murcia (+2,505), highlighting Spain’s appeal as a prime destination for UK expatriates in the EU.


British citizens seeking residency in the European Union