10 Good Reasons for Playing at Alenda Golf on the Costa Blanca Spain

  1. Alenda Golf is a Qualifying School Venue for the DP World Tour.
  2. Spanish Professional Golf Tournaments – “Campeonato de España Profesionales” held at Alenda Golf 2017, 2018, 2020.
  3. If you buy a property at Alenda Golf you will have easy access to 4 other great golf courses within 30 minutes’ drive from Alenda Golf, check them out here:
    1. Alicante Golf
    2. Bonalba Golf
    3. Font del  Llop
    4. El Plantio Golf
  1. The warm climate of the Costa Blanca makes it an ideal location for all year-round golfing.
  2. There are no winter greens or temporary tees, and it hardly rains.
  3. The stunning scenery of Alenda Golf with the surrounding mountains provides a breathtaking backdrop for golfing.
  4. The local culture and Mediterranean cuisine of the Costa Blanca add to the overall experience of playing golf in the area.
  5. Alenda Golf is easily located with plenty of transportation options. Alicante Airport is 20 minutes away, Alicante and Elch are 10 minutes away.
  6. The variety of golf holes, 4 par 5’s, 4 par 4’s and 4 par 3’s means golfers of all levels will find the course challenging yet enjoyable to play.
  7. The cost of playing at Alenda Golf is lower than most other local golfing destinations.

If you are looking to buy a property in Spain, in the Costa Blanca and on a golf course, it would be hard to beat Alenda Golf.

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