Why You Should Never Wash Your Car on the Street in Spain

The Essential Guide to Car Washing Regulations in Spain

Maintaining a clean car is crucial for several reasons, including optimal performance and compliance with legal requirements. However, in Spain, washing your car on the street is strictly prohibited. This blog post will delve into the reasons behind this rule, the legal implications, and the best practices for keeping your vehicle clean while adhering to local laws.

Why You Can’t Wash Your Car on the Street in Spain

In Spain, washing your car on a public road is against the law. This is outlined in article 4.2 of the General Circulation Regulations, which states: “It is prohibited to throw, deposit, or abandon objects or materials on the road that may hinder free movement, stopping, or parking, make them dangerous, or damage the road or its facilities.”

The Legal Perspective

When you wash your car on the street, the water, soap, and other substances used can create a slippery surface. This poses a hazard to other road users and can lead to accidents. The Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) enforces this rule, and fines can range from 30 to 3,000 euros, depending on the municipality.

Environmental Concerns

Besides traffic laws, environmental regulations also come into play. Professional car washes are equipped to recycle water and manage waste products responsibly. Washing your car at home on the street can introduce harmful pollutants into the local ecosystem, leading to potential fines based on the severity of the pollution.

Proper Car Washing Practices

To comply with Spanish laws and protect the environment, it’s best to wash your car at designated facilities such as car washes or petrol stations equipped with the necessary infrastructure. These facilities ensure that your car is cleaned efficiently without harming the environment or violating traffic regulations.


Why is it illegal to wash my car on the street in Spain?

It’s illegal due to safety and environmental concerns. Washing your car on the street can make the road slippery and hazardous for other users, and it can introduce pollutants into the environment.

What are the fines for washing my car on the street in Spain?

Fines can range from 30 to 3,000 euros, depending on the municipality and the severity of the offence.

Where should I wash my car instead?

You should wash your car at professional car washes or petrol stations with car washing facilities to ensure compliance with local laws and environmental standards.

Can I perform minor car maintenance on the street?

No, performing maintenance or repairs on your vehicle on the street is also prohibited under the same regulations.

What are the environmental benefits of using a professional car wash?

Professional car washes recycle water and properly manage waste, reducing the risk of pollutants entering local ecosystems.

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